Frequently Asked Questions

What Does This Do

Pinfinder has one job - To try and figure out the restrictions or screen time passcode used with an iOS device in the event you forget it. See the About Page for more information.

How Do I Change my Restrictions/Screen Time Passcode

For iOS 12 or later: You can find the setting for the restrictions passcode by loading the Settings app on your device and going to the General followed by the Restrictions section.

Is This Really Free?

Yes. It's Free Software - You can download the code that makes it work, change it and generally do what you like with it; this way you can have confidence that it's not doing anything untoward with your device or data - Far more than any commercial program.

It contains no ads, does not transmit any data anywhere - It just does one thing - Attempt to recover your lost restrictions passcode.

It you like it, and it helps you out - I'd really appreciate it if you'd consider donating a few dollars to say thanks, bearing in mind that buying a commercial program to do the same cost cost you as much as $50!

Will It Work on My Computer/Device

Pinfinder works for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running iOS 8 or higher (including iOS 12).

The software will run on Windows, Apple Mac or Linux computers (and if you compile it yourself, on BSD etc too!)

What If My iTunes Backup is Encrypted?

As of version 1.6.0, pinfinder can recover passcodes from encrypted backups - But you must know the password used to make that backup in the first place!

If you want to recover your screen time password from iOS 12, your backup *must* be encrypted (itunes does not store the screen time backup in an unencrypted backup).

I Don't Know my Unlock Code

Pinfinder will only recover the restrictions passcode, used to limit which applications and settings can be used by third parties (such as kids) on your devices. It cannot recover the code used to unlock the device (even the FBI apparently doesn't have a good answer to that!).

It Didn't Work For Me

Oh no! I'd love to know why it didn't work for you. Please either open a ticket providing a screenshot of what happend, or run pinfinder from the command line with the -diag option:

pinfinder -diag
which will generate a file called
on your Desktop or in your home directory that contains the file pinfinder was trying to analyze (it only contains your hashed passcode) and some other diagnostic information. If you're comfortable sharing that (and please unzip the file and take a look inside first to be sure!), email it to me at and I'll take a look.